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Publications by Dr. Alice Němcová Tejkalová in fraudulent journals

Predatory and dubious journals: A Short Profile 

What makes the track record Dr. Alice Němcová Tejkalová problematic?

The outline below was prepared with regard to the criteria listed by Jeffrey Beall. Predatory journals are understood to be the periodicals, which corrupt the open access model by collecting publication fees but not providing appropriate services: especially faking or minimising the peer review, and failing to provide decent editing services. Dubious journals (also trash or junk journals) do not collect fees but serve in utilitarian, purpose-driven publishing. The goal here is not to enhance knowledge but generate large numbers of articles helping its authors to get access to academic promotion or financial resources (or both).

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (MJSS)

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences was published by the Mediterranean Centre of Social and Educational Research (MCSER) until 2017. Since January 2017, the journal is being published by De Gruyter Open. Nevertheless, special issues and supplements are still produced by MCSER. While MCSER boasts having its location in Rome, MCSER’s bank account is with a bank in Albania:

MCSER has been featured on Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory journals:

The journal covers an unusually broad array of subjects (Mediterranean and World Culture, Sociology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Literature, Education, History, History of Religion, Anthropology, Statistics, Politics, Laws, Psychology and Economics). The scope of the accepted articles is already a warning sign, as it makes it difficult that competent reviewers are detected and employed for each and every submission. What is more, publication intensity is extremely high. While typical research journals publish on average four research articles per four issues, MJSS put out 16 issues in 2016 and 8 issues by November 2017. Issue 2017/1 put out 66 articles at a stroke. The journal lacks geographical diversity as most of the article authors are attached to the institutions based in Russia, post-Soviet countries, South-East Asia or Africa.

Journal of Language and Literature (JLL)

The journal’s website cannot be located and DOI links are not working. Before being removed, the journal claimed the Progress Publications based in Azerbaijan as its publisher. The journal has been included on Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory journals: The title of the journal was deceiving similar to Language of Literature, a respected scholarly periodical published by SAGE. A detailed analysis of JLL and its publishing practices is available here.

The report claims that the journal has served as a source of fast publications for Indonesian scholars.

In case of Dr Němcová Tejkalová, the journal published a third-rate article in which e.g. contents of private telephone calls are rehearsed in place of proper arguments: “So it will not surprise us that there was absolute shock when Oscar Pistorius, the excellent runner, shot his girlfriend to death in 2013. I got a couple of phone calls from my colleagues who work in print, wanting to quote me: “What do you say to that?” “How is it possible?” “What does it mean for Paralympic sport?” I had to laugh, even though it is not a laughing matter at all, because it reveals how sports journalists (and people in general) think about Paralympic sport“ [Tejkalová, A. N. (2015) The use of language and media in covering the Paralympic games. Journal of Language and Literature, 6(1):117]

Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues (JSSI)

Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues (JSSI) is published by The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. It is not featured on the Beall’s list, and is included in Scopus. Nonetheless, the journal is under suspicion for breaching publication ethics. Again, publication intensity is high with up to 19 articles per issue in 2017. As with the other journals, articles cover vast number of topics and the suspicion cannot be ruled out that the titles and contents are artificially tweaked to pretend reference to the issues of security and sustainability.

The Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center, which is closely connected to the journal, publishes also Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, a second journal with a similar title. Its Editorial Board almost totally overlaps with JSSI’s Editorial Board.

Vast majority of JSSI authors come from post-Soviet countries, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. There is a visible preference for the journal at some universities and academic institutions of the region whose affiliates publish in JSSI with high frequency of several articles per year. The journal is often used as a publication venue by the writers who are suspect of functioning as leaders of unethical publishing in Central and Eastern Europe and helping the predatory publishing industry in the region running (such as Wadim Strielkowski, 5 articles or Yuriy Bilan, 6 articles).

Economics and Sociology (EaS)

The journal is published by the Centre of Sociological Research, Ukraine. It was not featured on Beall’s List, and again is indexed in Scopus and Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources. Notwithstanding these credits, EaS is suspect of being an outlet of purpose-laden publications allowing predominantly scholars from Central and Eastern Europe to create their publication lists and make an impression of scientific excellence.

The Deputy Editor-in chief is Yuriy Bilan, close collaborator (writing at least 21 joint articles) of Wadim Strielkowski, whose dubious publication practice was condemned by the Ethics Committee of Charles University, Prague in its official statement. Strielkowski is also listed as a member of EaS Editorial Board.

EaS has a strong regional bias and a bias towards particular (mostly provincial) academic institutions, including those in Zlín (Czech Republic), Trenčín (Slovak Republik) or Szczecin (Poland). EaS is popular with authors whose names can be found across the whole realm of low-quality journals in Central and Eastern Europe (Bélás, Strielkowski, Bilan).